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Borehole Dip Meter

Key Features

  • Robust Stand
  • Standard 1.5V C Size Batteries
  • Reel Brake
  • Calibration Certificate Available
  • Very Accurately Marked Polyethelene Tape
  • Shrouded Probe
  • Lengths from 30-1000 metres
  • Acoustic Signal Buzzer & Lamp
  • YouTube Hydrokit Resource - Click to View

Best Seller 1000s Sold


The Water Level Dip Meter is a portable battery operated instrument for measurement of water level in boreholes, rivers & water courses.

The probe is lowered into the well and upon contact with the water surface a lamp & buzzer actuates. The appropriate measurement is read from the graduated tape. The polyethylene tape has black graduation marks at every centimetre with black decimetre and red metre numerals. The markings are imprinted into the tape.

Lengths are available from 30m to 1000 metres.

See also our Pocket Dip Meters 10 metres & 15 metres long.

for closer detail see HYDROKIT RESOURCE page on You Tube

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (349KB)



Probe Options

Probe attachments to suit field conditions

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Spare Parts for Water Level Indicator

Spare Parts or Repair Information

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Probe Attachment for High or Non Conductive Water

Probe Attachment for High or Non Conductive Waters

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Motorised Winding

Attachment for Motorised Cable Winding

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