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SurFloat-2 Water Level Logger

Key Features

  • ĽAbsolute Shaft Encoder Measurement
  • ĽOptions: up to 8 channels, water level or rainfall
  • ĽNo Electrical or Temperature Drift


The SurFloat Water Level Data Logger operates via a float that senses the water level fluctuations and transmits this movement via a beaded float cable to the sprocket or float wheel, which is mounted onto an absolute shaft encoder device.

The electronic encoder (absolute) can then determine how far the float has moved since the previous reading or initial set-up. The internal data logger takes a reading at the specified interval and memorises this relative to the current time setting. This device is free from temperature or electrical drift influences.

The LC display allows customer friendly handling, if the LC display is activated and if the float-wheel is turned simultaneously, the desired measuring value can be adjusted perfect for setting up.

The logged values can be up-loaded via the WinOperate Software Program which also carries out the set-up or configuration procedure. Any laptop or PC can access the logger with this program loaded. Retrieved data can be exported to other standard spreadsheets.

The Surfloat has internal lithium batteries for life and ring memory of 480,000 logged values.

A dual channel version to also accept rainfall data can be supplied as can several extra channels of water level data.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (601KB)