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Pneumatic Water Level Recorder (Bubbler)

Key Features

  • •Ideal for inaccessible flood plain
  • •Upgrade to GSM Modem
  • •Own internal air source, no air bottles
  • •No Drift of Sensor Values
  • •No Float Well Required
  • •New Version now available

2000 sold new version


The Seba PS-Light-2 senses the head of water above its long sensing tube. A finely controlled release of ("bubbled") air in the water is accurately relative to the height of water above the tube end orifice. This measurement is made by a very accurate internal pressure transducer.

The PS-Light 2 takes a zero point calibration for each measurement ie with barometric compensation it also purges with each measurement.

PS Light 2 can be attached to existing tubes, however the Seba PS Light tubing as supplied has a larger inside diameter than similar devices, therefore offering a quicker response time & more efficient purging.

Due to only the small tube being in the water, measurement of level in the centre of a normally inaccessible channel or shoreline is possible.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (1,074KB)