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Seba SlimLogCom

Key Features

  • Aluminium Housing 35mm diameter
  • Integral Antenna
  • 280,000 Memory Values
  • Data Transmission vis GSM/GPRS Networks


SlimLogCom is an integrated transmission & data logging system for ground or surface water monitoring of level, temperature or water quality. SlimCom-2 can be intergrated with exisitng Seba Loggers as shown (left).

GSM/GPRS modem & antenna are incorporated into this slim data logger.

Automatic call up of sites or alarm limits or SMS messages can be programmed in the DEMASole software. DEMASole controls measuring systems that are equipped with data transmission e.g. a modem. The data collection online is effected automatically.

Alternatively data can be transmitted in push operation to an FTP -server.

Inbuilt alkali magnesium or lithium batteries provide high battery life, with a weekly download lifetime of several years is anticipated.

The whole system sits inside the well.

Instruction Downloads (PDF Format)

Download Specification (PDF Format)

SlimLogCom Leaflet (1,074KB)