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Level Sense Encoder

Key Features

  • IP65 Aluminium Case
  • Internal or External Power Source
  • mm Accuracy
  • Outputs: 0/4...20 mA -SDI12-SHWP (RS485)
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range.
  • Flash-Controller: 3R2C 32 Bit with integrated Watchdog



The SEBA LevelSense is a system for acquisition of water level deviations in ground- and surface waters.

With the use of an absolute encoder and its totally slip-free approved ball-chain and floater/counterweight system, measurement positioning & data integrity is assured.

A clear display enables the operator to visualise the level or make easy manual adjustments if necessary.

Initial configuration is carried out by rugged hand held PDA Recon or a laptop

Download Specification (PDF Format)

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