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Gauge Keeper

Key Features

  • Camera based water level recording
  • Data Saved on SD Card
  • Historic Photo Data Available
  • Easily Calibrated
  • Visible & Verifiable



We are pleased to inform you about a new, patented system which SEBA Hydrometrie has recently launched:

The SEBA GaugeKeeper system consists of a ruggedised surveillance camera (day/night time), a data logger with special data processing unit and data transmission system (GSM/GPRS).

The uniqueness about the SEBA GaugeKeeper is the ability to measure and verify the water level data with just one system at the same time whether at day- or night-time (infrared). Since this measuring system is installed and operated without water contact, it can work even in extreme events such as floods.

The water surface or margin captured against the white gauge board is measured and converted inside the processor unit then sent to the logger. All data are stored inside the UnilogCom data logger.

Since conventional methods can measure only the water level, there is no way to confirm if the provided data is correct or not.

Up until now it has also been impossible to monitor the surrounding situation of the river. The Seba system solves this problem by providing more measurement data than the conventional sensors do.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (6,301KB)