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Seba M1 Mini Current Flow Meter

Key Features

Calibrate Your Section


The M1 Mini Current Meter is used to determine current velocities in streams, as required for the calculation of discharge rates.

The M1 is only used for wading. The advantages are very low starting speed, almost frictionless contact transmission and produced from stainless steel material.

The streamline meter body and propellor axle are made from high quality ground stainless steel. The propellor axle rotates in a sealed oil reservoir running on two ball bearings. The propellors are 50mm & 30mm diameter.

The signal to the Z6 impulse counter is generated from each revolution of the propellor by means of a permanent magnet. The almost frictionless operation enhances the sensitivity or response of the instrument. The Z6 Series Impulse Counters offer timed intervals or optionally pulse counting or direct readout of velocity

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