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Seba DischargeKeeper

Key Features

  • Direct Calculation of Discharge
  • Data Storage & Remote Transmission
  • Integrated Infrared for nigh time
  • Non Contact Camera Based Measurement
  • Simple Installation



The flow rate is calculated by means of optical methods of flow measurement technology. In addition, the discharge keeper is in the position to determine the flow rate volume. For this purpose, the cross section of the water body to be measured (for example channel cross-section) is defined and set as a base for the calculation.
The Discharge Keeper consists of a high-performance camera and a data logger, which are installed at the water. Thereby, the camera does not come in direct contact with the measured medium. An impairment or damage of metrology by sloughing, silting, calcification etc. is thus excluded and the technology is practically low-maintenance.
An alarm management system ensures that the operator will be notifiedimmediately by SMS when the predefined thresholds are critically exceeded or undershot, or if the system has suffered a failure. Staying true to the motto "Trust is good - control is better", the DischargeKeeper provides not only reliable and precise measurement, but also the corresponding "photographic evidence".

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