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MPS-D Water Quality Sonde - QualiLog

Key Features

  • Highly Accurate Sensor Specifications
  • Stainless Steel Probes
  • Plug-in System for Replacement Sensors
  • Unattended Logging Capability
  • Optical Sensors

High Accuracy


Used for the simultaneous measurement of multiple sensors , the Seba MPS-D Sonde measures: water level, temperature, conductivity (TDS), pH, redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity (TSS), Chlorophyll a, Rhodamine WT, Nitrate, Ammomium, Sodium, Fluoride, Potassium Chloride, Ammonia, Calcium, Cyanobacteria. see full list of electrodes & applications on leaflet

The MPS-D is a modular system (see leaflet below) in its QualiLog format it can be used in unattended logging situations. MPS-D can be upgraded in retrospect with further sensors and is suitable for observation tubes from 2“ diameter.

By using optical sensors, long term stability and low maintenance is guaranteed.

MPS-D is used as the sensing element of many other Seba instrument formats ie SEBA Water Quality Dipper KLL-Q-2, SEBA-QualiLog, MDS-Insider, MDS-5, and MPS-Checker, LogCom FlashCom.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (5,093KB)



Flow Through Cell

To assist water quality measurement of pumped water

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List of Available Parameters/Sensors

Interchangeable & Retro-Fit Sensors

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Hand Held PDA - RECON

RECON rugged hand held PDA for field data retrieval & data transfer

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