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Cableway System

Key Features


The Cableway System is a method of deploying a current meter across a river. A double drum winch, which may be manual or electric, is mounted on a post at the most accessible side of the river.

The winch drives a tow cable onto which the crane trolley is fastened, backwards and forwards horizontally across the river. The trolley is supported on a heavy-duty track cable spanning the river, by actuating a clutch mechanism the winch can be made to drive a suspension cable upwards or downwards vertically into the water. Thereby the current meter can be accurately positioned at any point in the river.
Impulses or flow velocity can be read or logged on the impulse counter (Seba Z6 series), which is connected via slip rings from the winch and current meter.

Please read the questionaire below to assist the design & costing of your system. Hydrokit has supplied & installed many cableway systems in the UK and we do need this information before we can quote.

The Seba Cablway Systems are an approved high quality product designed for many years of operation with minimum servicing. The Seba Cableway system can be used when the deployment of other cross river methods are not practical.

River Cableway System as seen on Hydrokit Resource page on YouTube:

for more information re Seba Small Electric Cableways see Case Studies Section

Instruction Downloads (PDF Format)

Questionaire for Cableway Design (801KB)

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (933KB)



Remote Control Hand Set

All Seba Electric Cableways are fitted with remote controllers

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