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Water Level Chart Recorders

Key Features

  • Overanging peaks recorded
  • Data can be viewed on site
  • Very accurate recording
  • Digital output possible
  • Quartz Multi-Speed Clock


The water level recorders are housed in weatherproof cabinets of special aluminium cast with safety lock solid door or with inspection window. The mechanism has a reversing spindle for recording high and low water level peaks.

A quartz-driven multi speed clockwork can be supplied to drive the chart or drum allowing the time scale to be altered at the turn of a switch.

Chart recorders are float driven therefore produce a very accurate recording.

A Seba SurFloat logging device can be attached as shown here to produce a digital output which is up-loadable to Windows software.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (190KB)



SurFloat-2 Logger Attachment

Allows chart recorder a digital output

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