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Seba Automatic Weather Station

Key Features

  • Very powerful, versatile processor
  • passive sensors
  • tried & tested in many environments

For Remote Operations


The Seba Automatic Weather Station is used throughout the World. Designed for use in harsh environments such as desert terrain or artic conditions, it consists of the UnilogCom Data Logger and any of the selectable sensors:

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge RG 50
Wind velocity sensor
Wind direction sensor
Ultrasonic Velocity & Direction Sensor
Temperature sensor
Air humidity sensor
Soil temperature sensor
Evaporation Pan
Atmospheric pressure sensor
Global radiation sensor
Radiation Balance Sensor

In the UnilogCom Data Logger which forms the heart of the AWS, great importance has been attached to utilization of modern serial flash memories for big data volume and absolute data security, as well as to very low power consumption.

The UnilogCom offers the following features:
Event controlled / Dynamic mode / Time controlled registration, Individual power up control for attached sensors, Alarm limit management, RS-232, RS-485, USB-port, apha numeric LCD display. GSM/GPRS facilities can also be incorporated.

For more details of UnilogCom Data Logger see leaflet below.

The AWS can be supplied with various power options: solar, internal power supply 3,0 V or external 6-24 V

Heating elements are available to protect sensors from extreme temperatures.

A range of support structures or masts & accessories are also available.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (650KB)



AWS Accessories

AWS Accessories

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Weather Sensors

Weather Sensors can be added or supplied initially

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