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Tipping Bucket Raingauges

Key Features

  • Heated units available
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Massive Memory Logger 200,000 events
  • Easy to maintain & clean

Variety of Installations


We supply several types of tipping bucket raingauge RG50 & RG100. Rim area 200cm².

The RG50 & RG100 gauges measure 0.1mm (standard) or 0.2mm (to order). These aluminium raingauges are extremely durable, easy to maintain and both types can be fitted with rainfall logging devices RDS-2 or UniLog-Light

RG100 Raingauge (shown left) is mounted in a weatherproof cabinet is pole mounted with a 5 litre check rain container and the RDS-2 data logger. This system is excellent for permanent sites providing good long term protection, particularly in the urban environment and at an easy height for data retrieval & maintenance procedures.

RG50 is a conventional tipping bucket raingauge, ground level or pole mounted, using the same mechanism. (see leaflet for more details)

The RDS-2 data logger records each tip of the rain bucket against time over 480,000 rainfall events can be recorded. (depending upon rainfall intensity.)

The RDS-2 is supplied with a LC display of total impulses with time and dates. The internal lithium batteries allow a minimum of ten years operation.

Rainfall data is uploaded to a laptop/notebook or PDA.(see leaflet for more details)

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (6,394KB)



Mounting Pole

Mounting pole gives easy access for data retrieval & cleaning.

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Rim Extension

Rim Extension

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Fitted heating elements

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Rainfall Data Logger RDS-2

Hugh Memory - Display- Batteries for Life - Windows Format Software

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