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Multi Channel Data Logger - Seba UniLog

Key Features

  • Event controlled / Dynamic mode / Time control
  • High Data Volume & Data Security
  • Alarm limit management
  • Individual power up control for attached sensors
  • SDI12 Optional


The Seba UniLog Data Logging System has been developed as a field-recording device for unattended monitoring of weather and water parameters.

A multi functional device, the UniLog is universal as it will accept a wide range of sensor inputs. 8 analogue bi-/unipolar for standard signals, potentially isolated extendable up to max. 32 anlogue inputs (optional) can be achieved. Great emphasis has been placed on the utilisation of modern flash memory for large data volume and absolute data security including watchdog system on the processor.

The UniLog system can record data from groundwater systems with precise timing and the user can transfer the data via PC, telemetry for subsequent computer evaluation on standard spreadsheets.

Water level or quality measurements for surface or groundwater can be connected directly to the UniLog unit. The setting up and operation is designed to be simple and can be carried out by PC or manually via the foil keypad.

UniLogCom is available using GSM/GPRS transmission protocols.

Windows programs are used in setup & evaluation.

Download Specification (PDF Format)

Leaflet (609KB)