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Seba Data Logger Dipper-PTEC

Key Features

  • Lithium Batteries for Life
  • 32 Bit Processor
  • External Battery Pack for longer life 35mm
  • Internal Data Flash RAM Backup
  • Slim Steel Construction 22mm
  • Integral Vented Pressure Transducer
  • Watchdog Processor


The Dipper-PTEC is robust, pressure-tight level sensor data logger for the measurement of water temperature, water conductivity & water level. Dipper PTEC has a stainless steel housing.

Data, which is resident on the ring memory, is also backed up on a Flash-RAM archive as data security in case of a complete power failure or data corruption every fragment of memory can be reconstructed.

There is a watchdog function integrated within Dipper PTEC which constantly supervises the 32 bit microprocessor activities, any undefined system conditions are recognised and eliminated.

Up loading is achieved via the end of the suspension cable to a notebook PC, or PDA is carried out without disturbing the position of the immersed Dipper unit.

Due to the use of vented cable no barometric compensations are required.

Data is downloaded via easy to use Windows software. Actual real time values can be displayed.

It has exchangeable batteries for > 8 years operation and an external battery pack for extended life.

The highly accurate water level sensors, include a robust ceramic depth pressure measuring cell, accuracy +/-0.1%

Temperature sensor for 0...25 deg. C or 0...50 deg. accuracy +/-0.1%

4-electrode-conductivity-cell accuracy +/-0.5%,
EC range: 0..200μS/cm or 0..2mS/cm or 0..20mS/cm or 0..200mS/cm. Pressure range 0.....50 bar.

32 Bit processor Resolution - 80,000 memory

Download Specification (PDF Format)

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