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Compact Pocket Water Level Indicator

Borehole Water Level Measurement in Borneo Rainforest

Seba KLL Mini Pocket Dipmeter in use in the Borneo rainforest Baru experimental catchment, near the Danum Valley Field Centre, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

The basic research focuses on several aspects of tropical forest hydrology, including the hydrological pathways of water and sediments, climate-hydrology interactions, and the modelling hydrological and climate dynamics using DBM and conceptual models.

Seba KLL Mini Dipmeter

Piezometer Measurement

The field studies have incorporated both hydraulic tests and tracer studies. Some of this rainforest work directly addresses the identification and mitigation of forestry management impacts.

The Lancaster Environment Centre will soon be installing Seba Dipper 3 Level Logger in local rivers to monitor flood levels.

The Seba KLL Mini Dipmeter is available in two lengths 10 metres and 15 metres, and weighs only 550 g so will fit in your pack back easily.

Also featured on YouTube -search HYDROKIT RESOURCE page

Extract Dr. N. Chappell - Courtesy of The Lancaster Environment Centre - University of Lancaster