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Ground Water

Seba Data Logger Dipper-PTEC

Measures/logs temperature, conductivity EC & water level.

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MPS-D Water Quality Sonde - QualiLog

Unattended Logging of Water Quality Parameters

High Accuracy

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Groundwater Sampler

Discrete depth sampling bottles

New Versatile System

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Seba Groundwater Data Logger DIPPER PT

Measures & Logs Groundwater Level & Temperature


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Measures, Display or logs groundwater quality

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Pocket Dip Meter

Small Handy Dipmeter for Shallow Wells

Another Best Seller

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Low Cost Water Level Dipmeter KLL-Light

Low Cost Water Level Dipmeter


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Borehole Flowmeter

Measurement of flow & water quality in boreholes

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Borehole Dip Meter

Water Level Measurement in Boreholes

Best Seller 1000s Sold

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Seba FlashCom-2 & LogCom-2

Intelligent Well Top Piece Logger for Measurement & Transmission of Groundwater Data.

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Seba SlimLogCom

Groundwater Data Transmission via GSM/GPRS Networks

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Groundwater Temperature Dipmeter

Temperature Measurement of Ground water

Precision Instrument

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Well Cap - Top Piece

well caps lockable 2" - 6" diameter

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