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Seba Automatic Weather Station

Measures, wind, rain, temperature, solar radiation, barometric pressure, evaporation etc.

For Remote Operations

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Rainfall Data Logger UniLog Light-R

Rainfall Data Logger

Massive Memory

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Multi Channel Data Logger - Seba UniLog

Weather Station multiple parameter logging operations

Versatile Multi Channel

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Tipping Bucket Raingauges

For measuring rainfall events, storms intensity, daily & monthly rainfall.

Variety of Installations

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Seba Wind Direction & Velocity Sensors


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Seba TRW Weighing Raingauge

Weighing Raingauge TRW for all types of Precipitation


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Seba Evaporation Pan Class A (automatic)

Automatic measurement of evaporation

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Snow Depth Sensor

UltraSonic Snow Depth Sensor

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